About Us

A Leading Engineering and Machining Shop in NoCal

With a reputation built on 30 years of providing quality engineering and machine shop services, we at Johansing bring seasoned technical expertise and proven problem solving to every project whether we’re called on for engineering design, repair of existing equipment or to design and build.

We are a trusted outsource partner who provides a broad range of services such as:
  • ASME Engineering and Designs
  • Drafting
  • TEMA Design
  • Skid-mounted system process piping, instrumentation and assembly
  • Machining, welding for original equipment or repair

Many of our projects start with customers giving us a call to help solve a problem, provide a quote or to have us come out to help figure out the best approach on a project. 

We are proud to serve the refineries in the Norcal region building and repairing O&G equipment to help them reduce downtime and keep the facilities running smoothly.

Machining Capabilities Include:
  • 120,000 lbs capacity
  • CNC Machining up to 60” x 30” x 30” high
  • Machining up to 240” Diameter and 35" in length
  • Vessels up to 10,000 PSI pressure rating
  • CE and TUV certified vessels
  • National Board “R” stamp for repair and alterations
  • ASME “S”stamp for boiler and steam piping
  • ASME “U” stamp for pressure vessels
  • ASME and CE certified for welding
The Potters' Acquire Johansing Iron Works

Specializing in re-tubing, 'R' stamp weld repairs, alterations and new construction pf heat exchangers of all types. Now, as part of UNICO, we have almost unlimited capacity and manpower to handle the demanding schedule requirements often requested by our customers